Lean | Agile has evolved as the predominant, most effective way of working in today’s turbulent times. And while Lean | Agile actively addresses critical aspects of Human Resources (HR) like engagement and performance; it also highlights the disconnect of traditional HR practices in the digital age. It is time for HR to move to Agile HR an embrace the realities of 21st Century people and organizations and to change the face and significance of HR forever.

For agility to click on an enterprise-level, the focus must be on the people involved. Hence, the Human Resources department has an integral role in your company’s agile transformation, specifically developing and sustaining the agile culture in the organization. An agile mindset requires a new perspectives on hiring procedures, performance management, compensation and more. In this course, leaders and HR professionals will learn how to re-interpret and harness these crucial areas and obtain the know-how and tools to fully embrace an agile hr mindset.

We are collaborating with the Leading Agile HR Consulting Organization, JLS, to provide outstanding solutions to our customers. Have a look at the Just Leading Solutions Whitepaper “Agile HR with SAFe ®” and the Top 10 HR Trends 2020 – A must read for Human Resources professionals to co-lead the change towards a lean-agile organization more effectively while eliminating one of the most important stumbling blocks for a lean-agile culture.

In collaboration with our Partner JLS, we offer the following role-specific Lean Agile HR Training classes for you and your company:

Investing in Lean | Agile People Operations is an investment in your people – in your future.

Are you ready to bring your HR into the 21st Century with Lean | Agile?