MPS is a boutique management consulting firm, headquartered in Sirnach, Switzerland. We advise enterprises on their efforts to build stronger, more responsive and innovative businesses through an organization-wide integration of lean | agile values, principles, and practices.

Our clients are leading corporations across all industries. They face considerable challenges in a fast moving, highly competitive environment. With our support they accelerate the pace of innovation, reduce time to market, and increase their change capabilities. That way they boost overall performance and generate measurable growth and profitability.

Our experienced consultants assist your transition into a thriving lean | agile enterprise. We provide you with state of the art models and tools and help you align your organizational structures, policies, and practices with a lean | agile strategy. With that you can create an engaging culture and unleash new potential across your enterprise.

What makes us unique is our ability to define winning strategies, scale comprehensive corporate frameworks, provide distinctive solutions for people operations, and transform your company into a powerful lean | agile enterprise.

Contact us if you are ready to embark on an amazing and promising journey.

Bringing leading solutions to your lean | agile Enterprise is our passion.